Problems and Solutions


1. Why does the deviation so big when using thermal resistance program check the low temperature couple?
 ● Ensuring the selection of the reference point is correct, please add the compensation wire if the thermocouple is too short.
2. Why does all collection data become "standard platinum resistance data", in the process of testing?
 ● Scanner power whether is turned on.
 ● Check the scanner communication whether is normal.
3. Why the repeatability is so bad when testing the thermal resistance?
 ● Check whether the temperature of the thermostat is stable.
 ● Check whether the wiring is reliable.
4. Why is there an error in the data acquisition of a channel when testing the thermal resistance?
 ● To check with a multi-meter and to ensure whether the thermal resistance is open or not.
 ● It is available to use resistance box instead of detected resistance; Signal wire is directly connected to the scan test.
5. Why does the acquisition data appear "5000" or "0" when testing the thermal resistance?
 ● The acquisition data is "5000"suggests that the connection is open. Please check the digital meter, scanner and computer communication, and confirm resistance is open.
 ● The collected data is "0" means the wiring in the state of shorting circuit, please recheck the wiring.
6. Constant temperature tank has been stable, why does the software prompt "tank temperature change", after the verification of the temperature point?
 ● Check whether the standard platinum resistance connection is reliable, including that the signal lines whether are contamination or oxidation, pen line and the reliability of digital meter connection.
 ● Check whether the grounding of digital meter is reliable.