Problems and Solutions


     The uncertainty analysis of the thermocouple calibration device shows that thermocouple calibration furnace is the most important measurement source of uncertainty. The uncertainties involved include:
     (1) The uncertainty component of the temperature field of the test furnace is not uniform. For example, for diameter thick base metal thermocouples, if the working end is positioned in a temperature gradient larger calibration furnace, in the axial, thermocouple wires in heat conduction, the orientation of the heat conduction is determined along the direction of the thermocouple wire temperature gradient, and about the location of the furnace, the heat conduction enable is induced by the business end of thermocouple temperature deviation; in the radial direction, the temperature difference between the different position will directly into the measurement results. Therefore, it is hoped to use the temperature field as wide as possible to reduce the uncertainty of thermocouple measurement. The temperature field distribution of KRJ series thermocouple calibration furnace can meet the requirements of various verification procedures.
     (2) Calibration furnace temperature field narrower, more strict requirements for charging, charging position produced by introducing uncertainty. KRJ series of wide temperature range of thermocouple calibration furnace, the working area temperature characteristics is relatively flat, the requirements for the installation of the furnace is also reduced accordingly.
     (3) The constant temperature control of the test furnace, resulting in the uncertainty of the temperature fluctuations caused by the component. This should mainly through improved temperature control instrumentation indicators to improve, but as calibration furnace design should be to ensure reasonable thermal inertia, minimize the delay, in the control system play a quality "the objects to be regulated". My company through the use of new materials and the use of advanced production technology, the production of KRJ series thermocouple calibration furnace, a comprehensive consideration of the above issues, is a very easy to control the test.