Problems and Solutions


1. In thermal test system, digital table and scanner or controller connection is correct, but the digital meter reading is abnormal, why?
 ● Check the status of front or rear switch of the digital universal meter, whether to set the correct switch state.
 ● Check the pen line wiring is correct.
2. Why temperature fluctuations cannot be collected or collected data volatility exceeding at constant temperature, in the process of thermocouple verification?
 ● The selection of verification furnace PID parameter is wrong, you must exit the program and reselect the     verification furnace parameters.
 ● Check whether the furnace is grounded or not in contact.
 ● Detecting the wiring lines of supplying power stay good contact.
3. Why repetitiveness of the thermocouple calibration’s original data is poor?
 ● Check flange plate screw, and crimp thermocouple wire.
 ● If you want to weld alligator clips, please ensure the contact of alligator clip is good.
4. When the temperature is high, why the standard couple and its protective tube melted together and cannot be separated them, in the process of thermocouple calibration?
 ● The ordinary glass tube as a quartz tube using lead glass tube was burnt, and the standard couple and its protective tube melted together.
5. Why number table, after submission, is failing to communicate with computer?
 ● Check the communication parameter setting is correct.
6. Why all the data collected are the "standard platinum resistance data", in thermal resistance test process?
 ● Scanner power does not turn on, turn on the scanner power and try again.
 ● Detect the scanner communication port settings are correct.
7. Why the data acquisition of a certain channel is abnormal, when testing thermal resistance?
 ● Be detected thermal resistance is open circuit.
 ● Wiring is poor.
 ● Terminal power does not open.
8. The verification of "three wire system" thermal resistance: the data including two internal lead is normal, but all data containing gone internal lead are "random data", why?
 ● Check the terminal power supply whether is turn on.
9. Why is the difference between the actual tank temperature and the standard platinum resistance so large, as testing thermal resistance?
 ● Check whether the value of the standard platinum resistance is entered is incorrect, if it is error, please re-enter.
10. Why not normally call the derived excels, after the completion of the data collection?
 ● Check the name of the template file whether is correct.
 ● Check the location of the template whether is correct.
11. Why does the verification record table display incomplete or data error?
 ● The computer has a virus infection, anti-virus and then.
12. Why does the oil tank smoke when it started?
 ● Oil tank medium is too little; please fill up before the restart.
13. Why does the constant temperature tank have not been heating up, in a state of electric power?
 ● The operating function of the temperature control meter of the constant temperature tank is in the state of closed; please follow the instructions to open.
14. Why temperature field test procedure suggests that the communication is abnormal?
 ● Test communications port settings whether are correct.