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     Bimetallic thermometer is a kind of site measurement instrumentation, which can measure temperature of liquid vapor and gas medium directly in the process of production. At present, the main component of the industrial bimetallic thermometer is a multilayer sheet metal which is composed of two or more kinds of sheet metal. Principle of operation: the degree of expansion of the two different metals is different when the temperature changes.
     At present, the thermostatic equipment of verification and calibration of bimetallic thermometer is thermostatic bath. The main problems are as follows:
 ●Thermostatic bath is limited by medium resulting in operating temperature limited to less than 300℃, which could not cover the temperature range of the bimetallic thermometer.
 ●The medium of thermostatic bath is potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate, which corrodes temperature measuring instrument.
 ●Ordinary liquid thermostatic bath could not be carried out verification and calibration in accordance with the rules of the up and down stroke.
 ●Noise is loud under operating conditions.
Recommend product
     PR601-500 heat pipe thermostatic bath is our company’s new product with independent intellectual property rights. Effective working area depth: up to 450mm;Distance between upper port and effective working area: less than 100mm;Typical temperature difference in effective working area: 0.03℃ (maximum not more than 0.06℃);Meet requirements of 100℃ industrial thermal resistance test:  horizon 0.01℃ and verticality 0.02℃.
Product characteristics:
 ●Wide temperature range
    PR601-500 can cover temperature area between 300℃ and 500℃, and the maximum temperature difference in the working area is not more than 0.06℃.
 ●Full seal system
Without smoke and gas emissions, heat pipe thermostatic bath has the advantage of environmental protection compared with thermostatic oil bath and thermostatic water bath.
 ●Could carry out verification and calibration in accordance with the rules of the up and down stroke.
 ●Good uniformity of temperature field
    100℃ horizon of temperature field: less than 0.01℃;
100℃ verticality of temperature field: less than 0.02℃.
 ●Automatic cycle
No stir, no mechanical moving parts, no noise, simple structure and reliable operation.
  Carry out Q/0900TPR002 Heat Pipe Thermostatic Bath Enterprise Standardization in the process of production.