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    The output power of the nuclear reactor is calculated by the water temperature and the water flow rate. In order to calculate the output power of the nuclear reactor as accurately as possible, it is required to ensure the accuracy of the temperature measurement. If the temperature measurement has 0.5℃ of error, it will leads to several or even dozens MW calculation error of power. 

    The temperature sensor mentioned in this solution is a four-wire system Pt100 platinum resistors with double support package, imported from France, has anti-radiation specific protecting jacket (no immersion oil), and is used to precision measurement of nuclear reactor outlet temperature. The error of 300℃ is ±0.2℃, which is equivalent to the Class AA in our country. The temperature calibration points are as follows:
    According to the above conditions, the sensor is not suitable for calibration in the thermostatic oil bath. However, it is a large error that dry furnace is used for calibration.
Recommend product
    PR601-400 heat pipe thermostatic bath solves the calibration problem of this kind of sensor, has been promoted in Daya bay nuclear power plant.
Product characteristics:
 ● Operating temperature range from 200℃ to 400℃.
 ● Uniformity of Verticality temperature field: less than 0.05℃;
       Uniformity of Horizon temperature field: less than 0.03℃.