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    Temperature uniformity is one of the most important technical indexes in heat treatment furnace, which relates directly to final performance of heat treatment products. Therefore, temperature uniformity testing of heat treatment furnace is particularly important. Heat treatment equipment must proceed to temperature uniformity testing after new purchased, overhauling or resistance wire replacing, and qualified equipment must proceed to temperature uniformity testing periodical as well.
    At present, common temperature uniformity testing instruments universal adopt laptop + multi-channel data collector program, which exists several problems as follows:
 Noise interference caused by alternating current supplying in workshop disturbs measurement work seriously.
  ● Dustor other factors lead to laptop malfunction in rugged environment. Communication reliability hardly get guarantee.
  ● The assembly process of the measurement system is complicated due to carrying too many devices.
  ● Connection mode of thermocouples is not enough user-friendly.
  ● The function of software is limited.
Recommend product 1
     PR205A series of temperature and humidity field inspection instrument with abundant human-computer interaction function and can connect 24 thermocouples or 12 thermal resistance and 3 humidity transmitters, which can show power and temperature value of every channel of measurement, and is a special instrument for temperature and humidity field inspection.
Product characteristics:
    1. Inspection tour speed: 0.4 seconds per channel.
    2. Convenient connection mode and fast connection.
    3. Professional reference end treatment can provide for every thermocouple measurement channel with superior 0.2℃ reference end compensation。
    4. Supporting U-disk memory can store Inspection tour data in U-disk with single operation.
    5. Abundant human-computer interaction function
    6. Build-enlarge capacity lithium battery support working continuously for 20 hours.       


Recommend product 2 (Solution of Integration)
     PR202 series of integration multi-channel data acquisition is precision measuring instrument with build-in computer system can realize depend able automatic test and analysis of deviations of temperature-controlling, temperature field, humidity field, uniformity and fluctuation for heat treatment furnace and temperature uniformity or temperature and humidity environment testing equipment.
Product characteristics:
    1. Advanced structural design combines traditional computer system and precise electric measurement modules, which is portable and dependable.
    2. Powerful software function can realize automatic test and data analysis can perform multiple standards and specifications. The process and results of system test are in line with the relevant state regulations.
    3. Due to Powerful anti-jamming capability and adopting battery supply feed, electric measurement module can be applicable to rugged heat treatment furnace environment.
    4. Adopting electromagnetic induction touch screen instead of traditional resistive or capacitive touch screen and dedicated hand writing pen for information input can avoid wrong operation effectively and realize accurate human-machine operation.
    5. With finger print recognition function, user can realize equipment locking in the scenes, which prevent unauthorized operation effectively.
    6. Low Power Design can assure working continuously for 8 hours under normal service condition.
    7. With 4 USB interface, equipment can connect U disk, printers and other peripherals directly.
    8. With adopting gold-plated terminals in thermocouple and thermal resistance path, the parasitic potential is less than 0.4 µV, which can meet the high requirements of the occasion. At the same time, due to equipped with a quick connector, equipment can realize quick connection.