Solution Details


      PR611 series portable heat pipe thermostatic bath is a brand new product with independent intellectual property rights, the operating temperature range covering 50℃ to 500℃, effective working depth about 50mm to 180mm, small size, easy to carry, so it is suitable for calibration and testing of varieties of short temperature sensor.
      With the further study in recent years, various technical indicators have been greatly up graded to the international leading level. It was listed in 2008 National Quality Inspection Administration Science and Technology Project and Defense Military Industry Metrology “the Eleventh Five-year Plan” Scientific Research Project, and has passed the appraisal of AQSIQ.
Product Features:
     1. Full sealing system
     Compared with the constant temperature oil trough and water trough, the heat pipe constant temperature trough has the advantages of no smoke and gas emission.
  2. Automatic cycle
     No stirring, no mechanical moving parts, no noise, its structure was simple and reliable.
  3. Ideal substitute for liquid constant temperature trough
  Production process executed Q/0900TPR002 enterprise standard for heat pipe thermostatic bath