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    Temperature measurement exists in many industries, and generally uses field sensor (Pt100 thermal resistance, thermocouple) and field instrument (data display instrument, temperature controller, recorder). In the long-term use of the process, the precision of the instrument may be slowly reduced, resulting in quality or production of product. For convenience, it is a higher accuracy of scene calibrator to detect their accuracy instead of returns to the factory repair way.
Recommend product
    PR400 series of portable dry Block calibrator divided into PR400, PR401, PR402 three models are portable temperature source made of solid metal block with high thermal conductivity and temperature uniformity, and adopt imported intelligent PID temperature controller, which are suitable for industrial field or laboratory fast temperature comparison and calibration. At the same time, PR400 series of portable dry Block calibrator can use RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface and a variety of automatic temperature calibration software.
Product characteristics:
 ● Due to deeper depth of the insertion, the temperature field uniformity is better.
 ● Due to adopting intelligent temperature control, the change of temperature is fast.
 ● Setting is convenient, and temperature control is stable.
 ● Soaking blocks can be replaced.
 ● Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry.