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    With the rapid development and continuous speed of high speed railway in our nation, the reliability requirement of high speed motor car is increasingly high. However, the reliability of the equipment is affected by the temperature rise problem. The higher the temperature, the faster aging of equipment, the service life and economic benefits of equipment is affect directly. Therefore, it is particularly important to test the temperature rise of the motor car cable.
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    The system of temperature rise measurement of motor car (light rail) cable is a automatic test system composed of a portable computer, a high precision digital universal meter, a printer, etc. It is a new type of intelligent testing device, which integrates computer technology, micro electric measurement technology and automatic test technology. The system is able to carry out multi-channel temperature measurement, and achieve a variety of terminal junction temperature rise test by taking the computer system as the core and the thermocouple as the temperature measuring element, using the special software developed by our factory.
Test basis: JIS C 2805: Copper wire connects to terminal lub with press.
Product characteristics:
 ●There are two ways to be chosen for reference junction temperature treatment of temperature rise measurement of motor car cable: The reference placed in the freezing point thermostat and reference temperature compensation method.
 ●Sensor certificate values are added for data correction in the process of data calculation to increase the accuracy of the result.
 ●The relevant parameters of the testing process can be displayed in the "display instrument" of "analog dashboard". It is intuitively and vividly.
 ●Temperature-time relation curve is drawn automatically in the test process. The display of the curve can be updated dynamically with the testing process, and can be enlarged and reduced in real time.
 ●Simulation operation mode was adopted. In the absence of external equipment, It can simulate the test process directly with fast, medium and slow rate on the computer.
 ●Power-off protection function. If a sudden power outage or exit procedures during the verification process, you will be prompted to choose to continue the test or restart it.
 ●Test data and results are automatically stored on the hard disk in the form of files, and it can be paged to examine and print.