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    Heat treatment is one of the important processes in the machining process. The control level of the heat treatment resistance furnace is very important in the whole product quality control.
At present, most of the heat treatment workshop still adopts decentralized management that technology for heating processing is still set by manpower, in which centralized control and real time control is not implemented. The main problems are as follows:
 ● Management is inconvenient due to taking up more people.
 ● The operation of instrument is verbose resulting in more mistakes.
 ● Real time control is hard to realize.
Recommend product
    PR1010 total distributed control of heat treatment resistance furnace system used in industrial heat processing, and all kinds of industrial resistance furnace in casting and forging workshop, such as box type furnace, pit type furnace, trolley furnace, bell type furnace, vacuum furnace and so on carry out cluster automatic control in accordance with the requirements of the process. The equipment is suitable for the new project of resistance furnaces and technical transformation of the traditional heat treatment workshop as well.
Product characteristics:
 ● Can control from 1 to 32 sets of resistance furnaces, support multiple temperature zones synchronous adjustment, reduce complex degree of multiple temperature zones resistance furnaces control greatly.
 ● Simplify the operation steps greatly, and set the temperature process by the computer graphics settings avoid the cumbersome instrument operation.
 ● Record process control curve (process setting curve, control adjustment curve except temperature curve) automatically instead of recording instrument. There are independent record curves for the process control of resistance furnaces and intelligent instruments, whose log files can be saved as a historical record to consult or print for a long time in the hard disk.
 ● Perfect alarm system with function of recording alarm event that can be saved for a long time.
 ● Good system expand ability, RS-485 industrial field bus organized structures and upper and lower computers hierarchically control that upper computer adopts an industrial PC and lower computer adopts program able intelligent instrument and measuring temperature module with communication function.
 ● Consider properly the requirements of system performance in different industries to customize dedicated measurement and control software for heat treatment workshop, which uses VC++ language, bases on Windows2000/XP platform, has independent intelligent property right and security of upgrading software services.