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   The Seventh National Conference on Academic Exchanges for Temperature Measurement and Control Technology and 2015 Annual Meeting of the Professional Committee on Temperature Measurement was successfully held in Hangzhou in 2015 November 17 to 20. The participating units are more than 200 scientific research institutes and equipment manufacturers from all over the country. This meeting takes the new development of measurement technology at home and abroad, the revision of the measurement method, the implementation and progress of the reform, the new trend of temperature at home and abroad, and the new method of measuring temperature and humidity etc. as the theme. Panran Company took part in the conference as a sponsoring enterprise.
    Many experts such as Deputy director of Measurement Division in AQSIQ and Deputy director of technology management department in National Institute of Metrology P.R. China have done a professional report for the “measurement”, and the content of report is substantial. Xu Zhenzhen, director of R & D department, did the analysis report on the latest integrated precision digital thermometer. And our company exhibited the calibration equipment, inspection equipment, heat pipe temperature trough, thermocouple calibration furnace and other parts of the product at the meeting site, and has been recognized by peers. Inspection instrument and integrated precision digital thermometer gained high attention as the latest product of Panran.